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RLS Diagnostic Centre was established in 2008 with the aim of providing quality diagnostic care to the patients. RLS offers numerous health services for the individual, group, corporate body or government in the form of health diagnostic and medical assistant services all under one roof.

The following diagnostic tests are carried out in RLS lab (ie)Blood Tests ,ECG, X-Ray,etc.,

In future it is planned to implement the following test in RLS lab such as CT Scans ,Prenatal Testing ,Diagnostic Imaging, Echocardiography, Endoscopy ,Genetic Testing ,MRI Scans ,Mammography ,Nuclear Scans ,Radiography, Radionuclide Scans ,Urine Tests

RLS prides itself on its commitment to our customers and is constantly striving to improve our performance and increase customer delight.

RLS maintains high levels of quality, our practices are ethical and transparent, our rates are reasonable and we aim to far exceed all customer expectations.

Contact address:
RLS lab, No:16, Mariyaman kovil street, west k.k.nagar, Chennai-78. Phone : 044-23643928.